@cloudtechtek Looking forward to live production Truth Social Pro with Trump Team

Some of you will begin to walk in a place of Power and Authority... which you have never before known. He received Power! When the Holy Ghost came upon him.
Which brings the revelation of Faith in the Name of Jesus ... Whom God has raised from the dead. Acts 4:10
We are going to start laying hands on those whom God has chosen to receive Power from the Holy Spirit. Join us as the men begin to be empowered from on-high

Psalm 23:5 KJV
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Chuck Pierce: The Most Shocking Prophecy Of This Year 2021// This Is Wha... youtu.be/D4oab7EGpmA via @YouTube

Session 2-Lord Help Me Understand Myself Spirit School - Kevin Zadai
how to Stop the frustrations Leadership
How to take the pressure off the people youtu.be/gECnvMAixQw via @YouTube

Men's meeting at Healing Waters Fellowship tonight Men's Pizza 🍕 Night 7:30 pm Wednesday 4/7 Selden, NY

What is the significance of the four cups of wine? - Passover chabad.org/holidays/passover/p

G‑d uses four expressions of redemption in describing our Exodus from Egypt and our birth as a nation:1

1. "I will take you out…"

2. "I will save you…"

3. "I will redeem you…"

4. "I will take you as a nation…"

Our sages instituted that we should drink a cup of wine, a toast if you will, for each one of these exp
The new wine with Messiah so much better. facebook.com/photo?fbid=101580

This is why Africans don't want to take that vaccine.
Who trust Dr. FAUCI!
Vaccines have gone wrong for Black people... why?
Vaccines affect people differently base on their race.
Why is the government pushing this vaccine to the Black and
the Brown race. "Racial Justice" how is that helping?
America's Frontline Doctors rumble.com/vfdx3t-this-is-why-

Remnant Rising Awakens You’re invited March 26th Friday 7:30 PM
Worship with Sherman and Patty Beale & Maureen
Church meeting with Peter & Kathie’s Healing Waters FellowshipSIGN UP!
Light desserts and beverages
Fellowship begins 7:00 PM
Request ZOOM meeting invite through Messenger on Church Face Book page: Healing Waters Church

Men's fellowship Breakfast this Saturday March 20th at 9am all welcome! Healing Waters Fellowship 37 College Road, Selden, NY. Bring a friend.

Special Event Friday March 26th 7:30 pm Worship the Lord Remnant Rising

Church for Gamers - Prayer & Fasting Begins TODAY! - Spiritual Disciplines Series Continues 4 Days twitch.tv/videos/939920394

Supreme Court sides with Christian students silenced on Georgia campus
Chief Justice John Roberts was alone in dissenting from the decision.

Prayer and Healing
We will be praying for families suffering from COVID-19. Believe, pray and see them Healed in Jesus Name. Call for prayer or make an appointment to visit Church to receive your Healing +1(631)732-0562 discord.com/channels/816506535

Remnant Rising Social Platform for Discussions, Team work discord.gg/UW4QuZv7 Men Discussion on how hand over the baton to the younger generation.

FlashPoint: Shocking News! Stephen Strang, Keisha Russell and Mario Murillo Transgender Dominate Religion and Women’s Rights youtu.be/UV63ebFBoe4 via @YouTube youtube.com/watch?v=UV63ebFBoe

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